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    WarLinux - "The bootable wardriving linux distribution"
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    • Airsnort will carry out the WEP cracking vulnerability test.
    • Airtraf for linux, works with all but Lucent.
    • AP-Status - Perl Code to get status from an Apple Airport
    • E-Wireless - Enlightenment Wireless strength monitoring epplet
    • GPS::Garmin is a Perl module that you will need to use Pete's code
    • A great list of links and software from Guerrilla.net in Boston.
    • Gwireless - Gnome Wireless strength monitoring applet
    • Kismet is a Linux wireless network sniffer, works with libpcap and Wlan-NG.
    • Pete Shipley's Code can be found here and his post about it is here.
    • Two scripts written by frisco@blackant.net, which he used to map Ann Arbor, MI
    • A great collection of Wireless Sniffers over at Personal Telco.
    • Wirestat an X strength monitoring app, also watches dropped packets.
    • Wvlanmon another strength monitoring applet for X
    • Prismdump - Program to put prism2 cards into "monitor" mode, lets you sniff raw 802.11 frames, for cracking WEP.
    • Prismdstumbler is linux / gtk app that uses prism cards in monitor mode.
    • Radiate is 802.11 frame capturing, creation and injection.
    • THC-WarDrive THC-WarDrive is a tool for mapping your city for wavelan networks with a GPS device while you are driving a car or walking through the streets.
    • Wavemon is an ncurses-based app for drivers supported by wireless extensions (iwconfig)
    • Wellenreiter is a gtkperl sniffing program for Prism2 chipsets.

    • Bsd-airtools "provides a complete toolset for wireless 802.11b auditing". Site has other great stuff too.
    • Airosniff for OpenBSD and cisco aironet cards. - link dead, anyone have a copy ?
    • WiStumbler

    • Aerosol works with windows and prism2 chipsets.Works with some USB adapters as well.
    • ApSniff is windows program for Prism2 chipsets (Dlink 650 / Linksys WPC11) and Windows 2000.
    • Netstumbler does it all if you have Orinco/Lucent cards and Windows 2000/ME.
    • Wlan-expert is a site survey tool, prism2.
    • Pong.exe (german)
    • APTools, a new tool in rogue access point detection. By vacuum of technotronic.com.
    • Link Ferret

    • Mognet is a java 802.11b sniffer/analyzer, works on Ipaq. -contributed by author.

      DOS Win 95/98
    • THC-Scan works in DOS and Windows. Only from THC!

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