Wardriving: Boston

So work gave me the task of making some maps of boston area wireless networks to display at a seminar and i decided that Friday the 13th was a perfect night to cruise boston and collect as many damn networks as I could in 3 hours. I have been following what the Greater Boston Area 802.11 Database has been doing, and it's awesome, so I decided to see what I could add and provide some 2004 results. Here goes.

That night I picked up around 4500 wireless access points in the Boston, MA area. Northeastern Univ, Boston Univ, Harvard, Downtown, and Cambridge are included.

I used:

  • Kismet
  • Garmin GPS with serial cable and GpsDrive
  • Seneo 200mw card and my 5dbi omnidirectional antenna.
  • Gpsmap, which comes with Kismet to make the maps.




all images are around 300k, if you want higher res, or to use them (web, publication, etc) contact me

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