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Good Books

Maximum Wireless Security

Essential Guide to RF and Wireless

Wireless LANs
by Jim Geier

Pattern Recognition
by William Gibson

Secret Power
by Nicky Hagar

Great read, discusses Echelon, UKUSA agreement, the GCSB and inner workings of the Spy network. Can be hard to find, but it's out there. Click the title to read the first 2 chapters.

Secrets and Lies
by Bruce Schneier

Link to wardriving.com
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Feburary 33 2012

Feburary 13 2012

January 5 2012

December 28 2011

  • Reaver is a tool that claims to crack WPA-PSK keys in under 10 hours via a side-channel attack. Update: That side-channel is brute forcing WPS numbers.
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March 28 2006

    So..you are probably wondering what this post is doing here among news from 6 months ago. Well guess what, in the past 6 months not much has happened with "wardriving" as a concept. It only has so far to grow and it's reached maturity. So like all good mature things, you cut it loose. So the site will remain, in an archived form, until something happens. I have since moved on to new projects, a new employer and new things in general. So I will post links to those new things, but they are not specifically hacking / wireless related. You just have to wait, and it won't be 6 months this time. ;)

September 20 2005

August 29 2005

  • So tonight around 10pm I'm gonna be a guest on the radio show "Computer America" so listern, or call in and hear me make a fool of myself. Auctually I hope to dispell some myths about wardriving and educate some people.
  • An archive of the show is here.
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  • Tom's hardware finished part 2 of the 'How to Crack WEP' So here's Part 1 and Part 2

April 15 2005

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April 7 2005

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January 25 2005

    First I want to thank everyone for the emails of encourgement, next I want to say next week I will hopefully have free time while on a business trip to do some work on the site. Now for some old news.

  • SchmooCon 2005! Feb 4-6, 2005, Washington DC. - sadly I won't make it :( ...but a city full of hackers and feds HAS to be a good time.
  • Plazes.com - an effort to locate a lot of public access hotspots. - thanks daniel
  • WLAN and VOIP a match made in heaven? - thanks t0nedeph
  • CBS ran an Article and Video of Frank Keeney (socalwug) wardriving around.
  • SecurityFocus has an article on wireless crackin g. - thanks NCMedic
  • Some hacker news - thanks nanotek
  • Email me if you live near Birmingham Alabama and are responsible enough to be interviewed by the news.
  • 'Evil twin' fear for wireless net
  • Warskating from Dual and oldskoolphreak.com
  • Senao 2611-AP3 / 2611-CB3 Hacking Page
  • RadioLabs.com sells wireless equipment.

January 2 2005

December 17 2004

December 8 2004

December 1 2004 

So. As you might have noticed, I am a lazy bastard that doesn't update his site and is letting a great idea rot on a fragile server. no. yes. no. kinda. I have been busy, 50 hour weeks, ya whine, bitch, moan, etc. I really want this to survive, I really want it to be easy, and I won't give up on having a webspace to publish and point to ideas, news, and new things. I do care about those of you who email me, yet I recently have not found time to sift through those emails and post your links, post your ideas, etc. Between coming home at 6pm, eating and trying to organize my new living quarters, this site has suffered. no more. I have grand disillusions of reviving WarLinux, of having a stable server, and painting my bathrooom. I am not asking you for anything. This is not a cry for "take over my shit" or "lets make a fuzzy happy wardriving community", its me screaming "FUCK" at the top of my lungs over work, people, things, time and overall my life at 12:01 am on Dec 1, 2004.

November 11 2004

October 9 2004

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September 1 2004

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"Convictions for this type of thing are possible where it's part of a larger criminal case, but it shouldn't happen in the absence of some other criminal purpose, like stealing credit cards, or knowledge that the network is closed. Wardriving isn't criminal."
-- Jennifer Granick speaking on the conviction of 3 Michigan men for hacking the wireless newtwork at Lowes